Sites I’ve Done

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Coalition for Responsible Home Education A policy organization advocating for Homeschooled children.
Bruce Roberts Toy Fund Non profit bringing toys to needy families in 5 counties in Southern Maine for the holidays.
Swan Children Magazine A bimonthly online art gallery and magazine featuring artists of homeschooled, Quiverfull, and conservative Christian upbringing.
Freeport Creative Arts Local arts community supporting Freeport, ME and surrounding areas.
Art Sale A Gallery of my art circa 2010-2012 that I’m selling for the cost of shipping. Made from scratch with Ruby and Rails.
E.R.A. A genderqueer fantasy webcomic, site made from scratch with Ruby and Rails.
Don’t Panic[k] A website dedicated to providing resources for life beyond our parents kitchen table.
Humorotica A team endeavor of comics, commentary, and satire with Matt McCullar (sometimes NSFW).
Wine and Marble My friend, Hännah’s blog about life outside fundamentalism. I make theme changes and provide general tech support.

IT & Web Development:

I specialize in bending the internet to my will. Whether that means poking at the insides of WordPress to integrate functionality and change the aesthetics, creating a simple way to get different pieces of the internet to talk to each other when a donation made, or tinkering with Ruby on Rails apps – I’m good at making the things I want to happen on the web, happen. This is a skill set I will happily share with you, for money.

I’ve run the entire web infrastructure for multiple organizations and artistic collaborations, I troubleshoot WordPress integration and setup problems on the reg, and can make your website look pretty (front-end dev). For short term front-end or troubleshooting projects, my rate is $75/hr.

For on-going or long-term work, contact me for details.

The Backstory: I taught myself html and CSS in 2005 when I wanted to change the background and font colors in xanga, & 2006 when I wanted to feature posts in the sidebar in blogger. This was before there was a user-friendly backend and there was just raw code to play with. I’ve kept up and have been constantly teaching myself since then. I’ve been using WordPress since ~late 2006, and got all familiar with PHP by poking at the backend and figured out how to make changes without breaking the site.  I learned how to work with Drupal briefly in ’08. I taught myself Unity from scratch in less than 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31, and my introduction to Ruby was making a small e-commerce app for selling paintings  in ~12-18 hours at random one weekend.

Email: kieryn(@)mxdarkwater(.)com


Currently looking for work!