Why I don't boycott

There are alot of different people and organizations who are nuts about boycotting business like Ford, Walmart, and recently Build-A-Bear. I know all the people who boycott are making personal decisions and feel very adamantly about them and that’s awesome.
I however, just happen to be of the odd crop that while I may not agree with decisions random executives make, I don’t have any desire to stop buying products from companies that I like. Mainly because in most cases, if I stopped buying from a large corporation to protest against them, they would never get the message just because of the scale of their business. With the case of Build-A-Bear, I really don’t care enough to boycott a line of products that I really like because of a random climate change game on their website. Regarding Ford and Walmart and the idea that our money goes to fund organizations and stuff, I think the money we spend on products probably goes more towards salary and production costs than funding organizations.
I guess another major reason I don’t boycott is because for a long time I kept getting emails from a boycott happy association and it really turned me off.

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  1. Definitely. I’m tired of the whole boycotting thing. It just makes Christians look really stupid and arrogant.

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